Enforcement Of GA Hands Free Law

On Sunday, July 1, 2018, the new Georgia Hands Free Law went into effect restricting drivers from using their electronic devices while driving. The results are quite surprising!

,,,After just one day with the new law, the Georgia State Patrol reported that there were 34 citations and 98 warnings issued throughout the state.,,

There were 21 citations issued for “holding/supporting wireless telecommunications device”, 10 citations issued for “driver to exercise due care” and 3 citations issued for “watching video/movie on wireless telecommunications device”.

Officers throughout Georgia have reported that they believe that people took the new law seriously and are not using their phones while driving like they may have been previously. The new law was designed to decrease vehicle accidents due to distracted driving. Between 2014 and 2016 Georgia’s vehicle incidents increased by approximately 33%.

Within the past year vehicle accidents have actually decreased due to more hands-free technology. By enforcing this law, Georgia officials believe this will continue decreasing these incidents and reduce the number of fatalities due to vehicle incidents in Georgia.

For more information on the Georgia Hands Free Law, please visit SMART Safety’s blog, What is the Georgia Hands Free Law?.

For quick reference, please feel free to view or download SMART Safety’s Georgia Hands Free Flyer to share with your company’s employees.

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