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Safety for Women in Construction: Empowering a Diverse Workforce

Construction, a physically demanding and historically male-dominated industry, has seen a surge of women entering the workforce in recent years. While this increased diversity brings valuable skills and perspectives, it also raises important concerns around safety for women in construction. Best Practices for Promoting Safety and Inclusivity To address the challenges faced by women in […]

Ladder Safety Tips

At SMART Safety, we are here to make sure your employees stay safe when working on ladders. Take a look at these tips and make sure you have a ladder safety plan in place. 1. Importance of Ladder Safety on Construction Sites When it comes to construction sites, ensuring ladder safety is of paramount importance. […]

How EMR Can Improve Business Performance

Increase Profitability by Improving Safety What is EMR? EMR = PROFIT! The Experience Modification Rate is the number that insurance carriers use to calculate your company’s risk. The higher your risk the higher your EMR, and correspondingly – the more you pay for your Workers’ Compensation (WC) Insurance. In high risk industries like construction, manufacturing, […]

Breaking the Silence: Unveiling the Ongoing Battle Against Mental Health Stigma in the Workplace

Mental health in the workplace is a pressing issue that has gained significant attention in recent years. Despite the efforts to raise awareness and promote a supportive environment, the stigma surrounding mental health persists. This article sheds light on the existing challenges, provides insights into the consequences of mental health stigma, and explores potential solutions […]

Enhancing Safety Measures: Key Enforcement Initiatives in Warehousing and Storage

The Importance of National Consensus Standards and Recommendations Warehousing and storage facilities play a vital role in the supply chain, ensuring efficient storage and distribution of goods. However, safety is a paramount concern in these environments, as the storage of various materials and the operation of machinery pose potential risks. To address these concerns, enforcement […]

What is EMR, and How Does It Increase Profit?

What is EMR? In general, the Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is a number that insurance carriers use to determine a company’s risk. The higher the risk, the higher the EMR and Workers’ Compensation insurance premiums. In fact, it is somewhat like our credit history. And it follows us everywhere. As such, it can have either […]

The Complete Guide to Construction Safety and ROI

Construction Industry Insight Construction is one of the oldest and most important industries in the world. Plus, it’s one of the most complex, with a range of stakeholders and regulations to follow. However, construction safety is vital in this dangerous industry. Further, the construction industry has been facing challenges for the last few years. To […]

OSHA COVID-19 ETS Compliance Plan for Employers

Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS): a method by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to reduce the spread of Covid-19 In December 2021, a federal appeal regarding the Biden Administration’s mandate-or-test emergency vaccine rule made a shocking decision. A Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals with a three-judge panel overturned the blockage that kept the rule from […]

Updated ANSI Aerial Work Platform (MEWPs) Standard

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is responsible for the development of standards for products, services, processes, systems and personnel in the U.S. and has worked hard to create the most effective, safe standards for operations. In 2018, ANSI released an update to the aerial work platform standard, ANSI A92.22, that will go into effect […]

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