Cajun Navy Hurricane Florence Response

The United Cajun Navy from Louisiana has played a critical role in rescue and relief efforts after Hurricane Florence. The Cajun Navy is an all volunteer group that was founded in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina when Louisianians’ jumped into boats to rescue people trapped by water when the levees broke in New Orleans. They also provided rescue and relief support after Hurricane Harvey in Houston.

The Cajun Navy consists of active/retired military, law enforcement, EMT’s, firefighters, pilots, fishermen, crabbers and citizens from across the country and all walks of life. A dedicated mix of people who make a tremendous effort and contribution in helping people affected by these disasters.

One of SMART Safety Group’s own, Scot Burchardt, Safety Services Manager, is a board member with the Cajun Navy and volunteers his time to support these efforts. Scot shared some information that illuminates the Cajun Navy’s significant rescue and relief efforts in response to Hurricane Florence. He and his team have been involved in dispatching hundreds of assets including people, boats, high-water vehicles, helicopters, planes and emergency supplies such as food, water and medical items. In a very short period of time the Cajun Navy team rescued over 2,100 people and served more than 4,200 meals PER DAY. Their efforts are not just restricted to people as countless numbers of animals have also been rescued as well.

With SMART’s deep roots in Louisiana through our 40-year parent company, Pala Group in Baton Rouge, LA, our company would like to thank the Cajun Navy for their unwavering support in Hurricane Florence rescue and relief efforts. It goes without saying that the Cajun Navy and all its volunteers put themselves in harms way for the benefit of helping others. You can bet the next time a hurricane creates havoc and devastation in the South that the Cajun Navy will be in their boats ready to do whatever they can for a neighbor in need.

Please visit the United Cajun Navy Facebook page for more information on this remarkable group of volunteers: United Cajun Navy Facebook Home Page

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