What is Georgia Hands Free Law?

According to the Georgia Department of Driver Services website, the Georgia Hands Free Law (HB673) will go into effect July 1, 2018. Below is a list of things that are and are not allowed after the law goes into effect.

Things Allowed

  • The use of talk-to-text features on a phone to send messages
  • Using your phone when legally parked. This excludes sitting at a traffic light, in traffic or any stop-and-go scenario
  • Reporting a fire, traffic accident or medical emergency
  • Using a GPS in compliance with other restrictions

Things Not Allowed

  • Cradling or holding any wireless communications device or stand-alone electronic device with any part of the body
  • Sending any text-based communication, including texts, emails, instant messages or any messages using internet data
  • Recording, watching or broadcasting any form of video or movie

CLICK HERE for more information or to see Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Hands Free Georgia Law.

The penalty for violating this law can mean points added to your license, fines and/or written or verbal warnings. According to GSP Captain Mark Perry, most officers will be using the new law to educate drivers and give verbal warnings for the first few weeks, but each interaction is left to discretion of the officer.

To avoid getting pulled over and receiving a citation while driving, you may use a phone holding device that allows you to use your phone hands-free.

  • For first offenses, the driver could receive one point on their license as well as a $50 fine.
  • For second offenses, the driver could receive two points on their license as well as a $100 fine.
  • For three or more offenses, the driver could receive three points on their license as well as a $150 fine.

NOTE: Any driver with 15 points or more within a 24 month period will get their license suspended.

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