The Value Of Outsourcing Safety

Safety is a key and critical element in a company’s strategy and success. A company WITHOUT a strong safety program not only increases the risk of injury to its employees, but also increases the risk of business failure. On the flip side, a company WITH a strong safety program will realize significant operating and financial value through higher productivity (reduced incidents & lost time), increased profitability (lower worker comp premiums & OSHA fines) and improved competitiveness (lower EMR & TRIR).

Whether choosing in-house or outsourced safety program management, all employers must meet both their legal and moral responsibility in providing a safe working environment for its employees. That said, a common question in developing and implementing an effective safety program is, “Should a company hire in-house safety resources or outsource to a safety services firm?” There is not a ‘right’ answer to this question since many factors should be considered including the company’s industry, operation, number of employees, risk and location(s) to name a few. A company looking to outsource its safety program should consider the strong value and benefit of this decision.

Below are key value drivers and benefits of outsourcing a company’s safety program:

  • Team of highly qualified and experienced safety professionals (versus typically single safety resource)
  • 24/7/365 availability through team-based resources minimizing delayed response due to potential multiple safety issues or situations
  • Professional certifications such as Certified Safety Professional (CSP), Associate Safety Professional (ASP), Certified Occupational Safety Specialist (COSS), Construction Health & Safety Technician (CHST), Graduate Safety Practitioner (GSP), Certified Safety & Health Official (CSHO), and others.
  • Extensive experience across a variety of industries with knowledge of what does work and what does not work under actual operating conditions.
  • Independent, objective and unbiased perspective, application and evaluation of jobsite safety policies and practices.
  • Up-to-date knowledge and understanding of ever-changing Federal, State and Local regulations to ensure OSHA compliance.
  • Lower cost than internal safety resources – typically a fraction of the cost.

The business case and value proposition in outsourcing a company’s safety program is clear. It can reduce BOTH the complexity and cost of safety that will free up management’s time to focus on the company’s core business, growth – and bottom line!

Want to learn more about the value of outsourcing your company’s safety program? Contact SMART Safety Group today for more information. Please also visit Our Services for more information on our Safety Program Management.

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