The Importance of Safety Programs

SMART Safety always stresses the importance of safety programs, but during OSHA’s Safe + Sound Week we want to really emphasize what a safety program is and why it is so important for companies to spend time creating one.

Safe + Sound Week is a nationwide campaign that OSHA uses to help emphasize the need for safety programs for every business, regardless of whether they are small or large. OSHA provides many opportunities for employers to get involved and participate during the week to encourage safety. Safety programs are extraordinarily important and help to protect workers and guests who visit your business.

What is a Safety Program?

Safety programs are designed to outline all company safety policies and help decrease workplace injuries, illnesses and deaths. The goal is to identify all workplace hazards and provide a plan for prevention, but it should also illustrate what to do when an incident does occur. Employees should be properly trained on each policy so that they are aware of best safety practices as well as how to react in specific situations.

Why is it Important?

Building a safety program can help employers do many things, such as:

  • Prevent workplace incidents and illnesses
  • Improve OSHA compliance
  • Reduce your TRIR and EMR
  • Increase productivity and business operations

By analyzing and working to prevent the hazards and risks people are potentially exposed to while in your workplace, you can significantly decrease the chances of them actually occurring. It is extremely important to consider all risks to ensure employee safety and protect your business.

Doing it the SMART Way

Safety programs are an excellent resource for holding employees accountable for their actions. It is important to ensure that each employee is following each safety policy for their safety and the safety of others. Each person’s actions, or lack of actions, affects another.

SMART Safety specializes in building custom safety programs and providing safety services for companies across the United States. By providing safety audits and training for employees, SMART Safety can help enforce your safety program and keep your employees safe. To find out how SMART Safety can relieve your company of the stress of managing safety and ensuring compliance, check out our Safety Services page or give us a call!

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