Six Tips For A Safer Workplace

Implementing effective safety practices builds a strong safety culture and makes an enormous difference in reducing incidents, improving productivity and increasing operating performance. When employees know, and follow, safety rules they are less likely to be injured and more likely to get the job done correctly. To make your job sites safer, consider the following safety tips to help reduce incidents:

1. Maintain Good Housekeeping
In the event of an emergency where employees must exit a site quickly it is important to have clear paths to exits. By keeping walk ways clean and properly storing materials, a company can significantly reduce the risk incidents occurring both on a daily basis and in an emergency instance.

2. Keep Employees Trained
Employee training is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to reduce workplace incidents. Be sure that your company is complying with OSHA’s Workplace Training Standards to reduce incidents and OSHA citations.

3. Wear the Right Gear
Wearing the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) can be a game changer in the case of an incident. PPE can vary depending on the job site and contracting policies, so it is important to always check what is required for that site. Not only can wearing the correct gear prevent incidents, it can also protect employees in the case of an incident.

4. Observe and Be Aware
It is very important to be aware of your surrounding at all times, especially while on a job site or driving a company vehicle. By observing and complying with safety guidelines employees are less likely to be involved in an accident.

5. Conduct Inspections
Be sure that all equipment is working properly, with no damages, and that there are no expired items. Replace or fix all damaged equipment before using again and be sure to report any issues to proper personnel.

6. Keep Communication Clear
Always keep safety information, like a list of contact personnel and approved clinics, readily available to employees on all jobsites. This makes reporting and resolving incidents much easier for both the employee and employer.

To be sure that your company is following all Safety Requirements outlined by OSHA, consider hiring a safety team, such as SMART Safety Group, that can help instill the most effective safety practices and culture for your company.

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