How to Avoid OSHA’s Site Specific Targeting

OSHA is digging deeper into risky industries and targeting companies with high injury rates. The Site Specific Targeting program focuses on companies that should have turned in OSHA 300A logs, but failed to do so, or failed to do so correctly.

When conducting targeted visits, OSHA will request to see OSHA 300A information and likely walk the site for other violations. OSHA is specifically going after those who did not file their 2016 data during the December 15, 2017 deadline. Although companies that did not submit this data are already on OSHA’s radar, they can, and should, submit the information.

Late submissions do not get companies off the list, but it could decrease their chances of a site visit. It is also important to note that OSHA is constantly scanning submissions to ensure that the data is correct. They keep an eye out for companies with monumentally high injury rates.

There are many ways that a company could incorrectly file their logs. Maybe they did not include temporary workers’ man hours or incidents, or maybe they did not correctly classify incidents. OSHA compares each company’s numbers to the national average for their industry and raises concerns when numbers are significantly different.

Because their number one priority is ensuring safety across the workplace, OSHA is very concerned with significantly high incident rates. It is easy for OSHA logs to be filed incorrectly, but very important for OSHA to research any abnormal records. OSHA wants to ensure that if these significantly high records are correct the company is taking action to lower them and protect workers.

Get Ahead – Enforce Safety

Often, companies become overwhelmed when reporting OSHA logs or enforcing safety, which is one reason why outsourcing safety program management can be beneficial. SMART Safety is a third party safety management company that tailors each program specifically to the company. SMART Safety builds safety programs, trains and staffs employees, conducts audits and enforces a strong safety culture.

Getting ahead of incidents and providing workers with the safest possible work environment is the best way to stay off OSHA’s radar. To learn more about how SMART Safety can help handle your company’s safety and OSHA compliance, including reporting, visit our Services page or request free Quote Info.

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