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As the Peach State’s crown jewel, Atlanta is always in motion. That’s likely due to its status as an international transportation hub. Nearby Hartsfield-Jackson is still the world’s busiest airport (as of 2019) after 22 consecutive years! In 2019 alone it saw a whopping 110.5 million passengers. Atlanta also played a significant role in the Civil Rights Movement, birthing the icon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. To this day, the city has a rich African American history. Other iconic institutions include one of the world’s largest aquariums, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Fox Theatre.

As the transportation, financial, and commercial capital of the Southeast, Atlanta has a diversified economy. The city boasts major corporate headquarters such as The Home Depot, UPS, Equifax, Chick-fil-A, Coca-Cola, Delta, and Georgia-Pacific. Georgia Tech, located within the city, is one of the top technical schools in the nation. Atlanta and the metro area sustain a healthy film industry as well. Georgia is now the third top filming location in the country after New York and Los Angeles.

Atlanta should take pride in its diversified economy. The workers who contribute to Georgia’s role as the “Empire State of the South” deserve a workplace free of preventable hazards. Without them, Atlanta would never be the centrally important city that it is today. Your company is required by law to provide a reasonably safe work environment for your employees. It also has an ethical obligation. One serious injury can destroy a worker’s ability to work temporarily or even permanently. Injuries have a devastating ripple effect on employees and their families. Your company can face steep fines from OSHA and costly worker’s comp as well. Don’t let this happen to your company and employees. “But I have so much to do already!” you may say. “Everyday business operations get hectic, and the tangled web of regulations I have to follow is so complicated!” You don’t have to handle every challenging task alone. SMART Safety is here for businesses like yours.

SMART Safety has delivered outstanding safety consulting to multiple industries for over 17 years. We serve the construction, manufacturing, HVAC, trades, distribution, warehousing, food service, electrical, and staffing industries. Since 2003, our proven and effective safety management programs have helped companies increase workforce safety, reduce injuries, maintain regulatory compliance and decrease worker compensation claims. Successfully reducing injuries and maintaining compliance increase your company’s bottom line and competitiveness.

We at SMART Safety are so much more than a consulting company. Our dedicated team of Atlanta safety consultants coordinate comprehensive safety management programs. They are designed to implement safety practices at all levels of your organization. As part of our safety program management services, we help you create solid safety policies that align with local and federal guidelines. Our thorough health and safety training empowers your workers to make safety a priority. We also handle OSHA incident reporting and representation. Our number one goal is to have your company operating at maximum safety levels. We can make it happen. Call us at (844) – 820 – 8098 to get started.

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